How To Play Golf In The Rain

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If you are a golfer and if you play during the rain, You need to know how to play golf in the rain. We do not have in the dry, both the scenario, the circumstances and our equipment significantly altered in the rain. Due to this, we need to adjust our game, clothing and accessories to these new terms.

How To Play Golf In The Rain

It complicated to have 24 hours without rain. When playing in the rain, it is important to know certain rules. Just as it affects you, the rain will also vary the distance and trajectory of your ball. Many golfers perform better when the ground is rain because they are confident that the ball will stay on the green rather than bounce back.

How To Play Golf In The Rain- Equipment Needed To Play ln The Rain:

Golf Umbrella:

The golf umbrella is an essential item for playing golf in rain. But, not a normal umbrella, it may not survive, it is best to carry a golf umbrella. Always have a sturdy, large umbrella handy and make sure you keep it in top condition. After playing in the rain, don’t make the mistake of rolling it up and quickly putting it back in its place on the bag.

Golf Wesuit:

Another necessary element to play golf in the rain is the wetsuit. There are a wide variety of jackets, pants and hats on the market, of different qualities and prices. But if we play in wet weather it is worth investing in a good golf wetsuit. Which will be more comfortable, dry and last much longer.

Good quality (golf) wetsuits will not only keep you completely dry. Regardless of the waterspout that falls. They will allow you great freedom of movement to swing.

Golf Towels:

How to play golf in the rain it is important to bring several golf towels. In addition to the towels to dry the material, it is necessary to bring one for personal drying.  You should always have a towel on the outside of your bag, regardless of the temperature.

This towel will allow you to wipe your sticks after each stroke. This will preserve your club investment. And prevent you from trying to play with a ‘ piece of dirt ‘ between your club and the ball. When it rains, untie your towel from the bag and attach it to one of the umbrella spokes. 

Golf bag cover:

Keep the rain hood in the bag all year long, even if the forecast does not indicate rain. If you are carrying your bag you will not need it. In addition, you can do without the bag hood. A very profitable purchase. To play golf in the rain, we must keep the bag dry, to keep all the equipment we carry dry. A plastic cover is a basis for securing it.

Golf Gloves:

Keep your gloves dry,  need to do this effectively it recommended carrying a minimum of 2 gloves in the bag. The optimal way to keep your gloves dry is to hang them from the poles of the umbrella

Golf shoes:

If you know that you are going to play in the rain, or on a very wet course, be sure to bring waterproof golf shoes.


In conclusion, The most important thing on a rainy day is to stay dry. So you need to know how to play golf in the rain. The initial thing to do is to equip yourself well. Rain pants, a waterproof jacket and waterproof shoes are essential. Don’t hesitate to invest and especially to take quality clothes. I am not in favour of a protective cover. I find it cumbersome.

With an umbrella stand attached to the cart, my bag stays dry and the clubs are well protected. Now there are inexpensive effective protective covers.


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