What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove

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What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove?


What should we ask from our golf glove?

If you decide to know what hand do you wear a golf glove play with two gloves and feel comfortable, that’s fine with me. Since ultimately this is very personal, and in any case, everyone knows how they feel better. I find it a nuisance, which can lead to concentration.

Gloves are a very interesting item if you are looking for a good quality item that allows you to have a good swing. If you manage to improve your grip, your swing will undoubtedly improve as well. The golf gloves should adapt to the leading hand. Which will be the right hand for the left-handed and the left hand for the right-handed.

The use of the glove is not mandatory, wearing a glove is a personal decision. There are players who do not use gloves and have a good performance, of course, they are very few. In general, most golfers wear a glove.

The reason is that a more consistent grip can felt. It prevents the grip from slipping due to perspiration from the hand. With respect to the right-handed, the glove is for the left hand. since it is the hand that used in its entirety, while with the right.

It practically uses the ring, major and index fingers, discarding the little finger. Which mounted on the index of the left hand, and the major only serve as support. However, gloves are already sold for both hands. This is the reason why professionals and low handicap players. When they enter the putting green, before hitting the putter, remove their glove.

What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove?

Why wear a glove?

The use of a golf glove is highly recommended. With it, we will avoid the inopportune slipping off the stick while allowing us a much firmer grip. Which usually translates into more consistent better shots. The grip becomes more comfortable and secure throughout the swing.

Many use it simply to avoid the more than common chafing and cays that arise after long hours of play. On some occasions, the use of the glove is practically imposed by the weather itself. On rainy or cold days this element will prevent loss of grip or pressure. The golf gloves are an elemental part of our equipment. A suitable glove is decisive to achieve a good grip on the clubs, as well as to improve our strokes

The thing advances. We have practiced the entire swing course on the proving ground. Sometimes it comes out and many more it doesn’t. I had to buy one and dive into the world of golf gloves. You have to choose a glove that suits you like a second skin. As tight as possible because with the passage of golf days it will widen a bit. Personally, I have bought a synthetic leather glove.

What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove WHY

What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove?

What hand do you wear a golf glove? That allows me more ventilation and proper perspiration. I am right-handed and that is why I have a glove on my left hand. if I were sinister in addition to “dancing on your grave” I would wear the glove on my right hand because I am left-handed.

There are cowhide and goat leather gloves. (the latter are the most accepted by professionals). But now comes the important thing. The wear of the glove will provide us with clues to correct our mistakes during the swing. Ideally, the glove should wear everything equally. That means that throughout the swing we have or adopt the correct posture. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we will always hold the stick more with our fingers than with the rest of the hand.

Adaptability: What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove?

That it fits in our hand to perfection, otherwise, we will be reducing skill to our game. Thus, we should not choose a very narrow glove, because it will bother us. We will lose maneuverability, nor too loose, because it will move and it will annoy us enormously. So it will be advisable to buy a somewhat adjusted model.

Comfortable, durable and grippy materials. The perfect glove made of leather, either natural. Those made of synthetic leather are cheaper than those made of cow or kid. The latter being the most expensive.

Quality: What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove?

Gloves made of leather or synthetic leather and most of the time the two materials combined. Many equipped with a reinforcement in the lower part of the palm that helps to maintain.

This necessary pressure in the upper part of the swing. While facilitating the flexibility of the wrist. Gloves also offer more elasticity in the joints, allowing the fingers to work better. Most of the gloves sold today are also highly resistant to moisture and rain. All these technological advances allow having a better grip. Better touch and better control in any condition.

Firstly :

Get into position with a stick, holding it like you normally do. Raise the stick off the ground so the shaft is in your line of sight and the head is pointing skyward.

Now, relax your grip, to the point where you feel like it could slip through your hands and hit the ground. That’s the amount of grip pressure you should start with.

Secondly :

If we notice that it wears out in the area of the palm of the hand near the thumb. That will mean that the grip of our club is not correct, it will be smaller than we need. The wear of the area near our wrist will indicate. That the club moves during the course of our swing and that we must correct it.

Finally, mention that the glove must keep stretched so that it does not get wrinkles and that it is always clean. If it is going to be our second skin, let’s think that we don’t usually have dirty hands.


It must have been curious to see that in golf normally only one glove used, and not two. This will place in the left hand (if we are right-handed) or in the right hand (if we left-handed). That is, in the non-dominant hand. This is because the grip with the non-dominant hand is what gives the swing firmness. While the dominant hand used loosely.


What hand do you wear a golf glove? Some will think that it does not matter since all gloves fulfill the same function. But although the function is effectively the same, not all gloves are the same.

First of all, you need to select a glove that fits your hand perfectly. As we said before, it feels like a second skin. Because a glove that does not fit perfectly will not allow us to work the swing correctly, damaging our game. As for leather gloves, there are goatskin, cowhide and synthetic leather gloves. The first ones made with specially treated leather to achieve a softer touch. A better grip and resist water, while those made of cowhide are thicker.

Less treated and this makes them cheaper than those of kids. There are also synthetic leather gloves. Which are the most used, as they have the advantage of having a soft touch. They are specially prepared to guarantee maximum durability.

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